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Natural gas leak into Nine Mile Creek:

Apr 07, 2010

A natural gas pipeline has spilled natural gas into Nine Mile Creek near the Bill Barrett Corporation's (BBC) natural gas compressor station located at the mouth of Dry Canyon in Nine Mile Canyon. A seemingly low-key response led to very sketchy (at best) accounts of the accident in the press and media. One such account was published in an article titled "Gas driller mopping up leak at eastern Utah compressor station" - Deseret News, Friday April 2, 2010:

"No water contamination says Barrett Corp after 'minor' leak" - by Greg Eichelberger, "Sun Advocate", April 6, 2010:

Contrary to these news reports, the spill was not "near Wellington", but was in Nine Mile Canyon, 45 miles from Wellington. According to unnamed sources at the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, this is not a minor spill, and it will take time for Bill Barrett to figure out where the spill is coming from and how to contain it. They also indicate that this will end up being a substantial cleanup and remediation project.

Who ever thought that a whirlwind of issues involving Nine Mile Canyon would fade away after the January signing of the Programmatic Agreement? Well, think again. Read on for even more news regarding the canyon.

Nearly two years ago, the Nine Mile Canyon Coalition joined a complaint in Federal Court with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance and the Wilderness Society, wherein we opposed the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) reckless use of statutorial categorical exclusions (CX). As a result of this lawsuit, a nationwide change in policy regarding how energy development is approved and managed in culturally-sensitive regions is the law of the land. Read about it in the article titled "Drilling deal sets new rules on sensitive lands - Policy will apply nationwide to areas with cultural, archaeological treasures" - by Patty Henetz, "The Salt Lake Tribune", April 1, 2010:

"Interior Moves to Restrict Fast-Track Oil and Gas Drilling Permits" - "The New York Times", April 2, 2010:

"BLM settlement closes oil and gas leasing loophole" - by Amy Joi O'Donoghue, "Deseret News", April 6, 2010:

"Save a canyon - Interior boss wins one for Utah" - Tribune Editorial, "The Salt Lake Tribune", April 2, 2010:

Thank you for your continued support! Your enthusiastic advocacy for the protection of Nine Mile Canyon is helping us protect this unique national treasure.


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