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Several articles have recently been published in major Salt Lake City newspapers regarding the natural gas industry in Nine Mile Canyon. Here are links to some of those articles:

Jan 04, 2009

BIG NEWS!!! Oil & Gas Leases in 9 Mile Pulled by Interior Secretary

Greetings, Nine Mile Canyon Enthusiasts:

Today was a GREAT DAY for Nine Mile Canyon and other special places in Utah. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced that the government is dropping the lease of 77 parcels of federal land that were offered at a BLM-administered oil & gas lease sale on December 19th. Some of those leases were located in and around Nine Mile Canyon. While this does not affect the current industrial activity or mode of operation in Nine Mile Canyon, there is hope that the new Administration will move soon to protect the Canyon's unique and irreplaceable cultural treasures and landscapes.

The Nine Mile Canyon Coalition thanks Secretary Salazar and President Obama for this important decision regarding our public lands. It's great to know that Nine Mile Canyon's plight is in the new Administration's sight and conscience.

A Google search on the terms "secretary Salazar 77 oil" will return hundreds of media, press and web coverage links regarding the announcement.

Here are a few links to keep you busy reading:

"Drilling Leases Scrapped in Utah" by Leslie Kaufman 02/04/2009

Associated Press (AP):
"Salazar scraps sale of oil-and-gas leases in Utah" by Paul Foy 02/04/2009

KSL TV - Salt Lake City:
"BLM cancels 77 oil and gas leases in Utah" by Whit Johnson and AP 02/04/2009

THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE Editorial 02/04/2009:
"Undoing damage"

"Interior Secretary cancels energy lease sale" by Joi O'Donoghue,5143,705282698,00.html

"Bush-era energy drilling leases in Utah canceled"


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